Modulos Co-Founder in the Arena

Modulos Co-Founder in the Arena

The SRF Arena focused on the risks and opportunities of Digitalization

5G: The new mobile standard promises ultra-fast Internet surfing – and is necessary for the digital transformation of our society, say proponents. Critics are afraid of too much exposure to radiation. Do we need 5G? And what are the opportunities and risks of digitization?

Digitization is progressing at breakneck speed – and always provokes resistance. Currently about the new mobile network standard 5G. Do we need this new technology so that Switzerland does not lose its connection? Or is 5G a threat to our health?

Either way, digitization is progressing in Switzerland. More and more work can be done by computers. Do we all have to work less in the future? Or do computers take our work completely away – and make us unemployed?

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in all of our lives, and computers are surpassing us in many ways. Robots become more powerful, stronger, smarter every year. Is there a possibility that artificial intelligence will eventually replace the human species completely? Even if we humans remain masters of technology, our lives could change dramatically. In the future, only algorithms will determine our everyday life? And what role do ethics and morality play in this?

Jonas Projer welcomes these questions in the “Arena”:

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