CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai

CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai

Last week we represented Modulos at CES Asia 2019 in Shanghai, China. CES Asia is the leading event for the consumer technology industry in China. In 2018 CES hosted over 500 exhibitors and had over 46’000 international attendees. This year’s main show topics included 5G, AI, IoT, AR/VR, Robotics, and Vehicle Technology. 

We were excited to be chosen to be part of the Swiss Startup Pavilion by swissnex China, the Science Consulate of Switzerland for China. Having a booth at CES allowed us to interact with many potential users of our automated machine learning platform.

The interest in easy and accessible machine learning is huge. This excitement was not only contained to industry, but also was expressed by general AI enthusiasts, researchers, and data scientists that we talked to at CES. 

We also again observed a widespread issue: while there is a common urge to optimize processes with AI, it often remains unclear which problems can be tackled with machine learning, how existing solutions can be transferred to other domains, and how data can be used efficiently. So, to make the capabilities of machine learning available to non-data scientists, it is less critical to convey the details, but crucial to communicate the general principles. Only then can people grasp the potential and realize possible use cases. This is an important insight which we will keep in mind while moving forward with the development of our automated machine learning platform. 

We thank swissnex for the great opportunity and look forward to many more exciting adventures in China!