Our Team

Kevin Schawinski – CEO / Cofounder

Kevin Schawinski is an astrophysicist who studied at Cornell and got his D.Phil at Oxford. While a Ph.D student, he co-founded the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project involving more than a million members of the public in scientific research because machines weren’t quite good enough yet to go map the cosmos and classify galaxies. He stayed in Oxford as the Henry Skynner Junior Research fellow at Balliol College before moving to Yale as a NASA Einstein Fellow. 

In 2012, he started the galaxy and black hole research group at ETH Zurich as an assistant professor and began a close collaboration with Ce Zhang from computer science to work on the space.ml project. He is now the CEO of Modulos.

Dominic Stark – Data Scientist

Dominic Stark studied physics at ETH Zürich. The transition of his career path to Data Science began when he was analyzing UV images of galaxies. Together with Kevin Schawinski an Ce Zhang, he worked on applying the latest advances of deep learning research to his problem. It turned out that the method itself was at least as interesting as the problem they designed it for.

After publishing the results, his research project was about using Reinforcement Learning to develop novel ideas for data acquisition in astronomy. As a Data Scientist at Modulos, he keeps on solving problems, that require new ideas and technologies.

Dennis Turp – Data Scientist

Dennis Turp is the first employee of Modulos. Prior to his work at Modulos he studied physics at ETH Zurich. During his Master studies he worked together with Kevin Schawinski and Ce Zhang on exploring machine learning related topics in astronomy. 

In these one and a half years they published three scientific papers together. Dennis Turp is currently employed as a Data Scientist. His main expertise lies in the fields of generative modeling and anomaly detection.

Anna Weigel – Head of Data Science

After acquiring her Master degree in Physics and gaining research experience in Australia, Anna completed her PhD in Astrophysics in Kevin Schawinski’s group at ETH. During her PhD she developed an innovative approach, took advantage of large data sets, and used advanced statistical methods to study the relationship between galaxies and their supermassive black holes. 

Her work is summarized in five first-author papers. After exploring the depths of our Universe, Anna is now excited to tackle challenges that we face in the business world by developing and exploiting cutting-edge machine learning methods. Anna is currently employed as Modulos’ Head of Data Science. 

Ce Zhang – Cofounder

Ce is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He believes that by making data—along with the processing of data—easily accessible to non-CS users, we have the potential to make the world a better place. 
His current research focuses on building data systems to support machine learning and help facilitate other sciences. Before joining ETH, Ce was advised by Christopher Ré. He finished his PhD round-tripping between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Stanford University, and spent another year as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford. His PhD work produced DeepDive, a trained data system for automatic knowledge-base construction. 
He participated in the research efforts that won the SIGMOD Best Paper Award (2014) and SIGMOD Research Highlight Award (2015), and was featured in special issues including the Science magazine (2017), the Communications of the ACM (2017), “Best of VLDB” (2015), and the Nature magazine (2015).

Romain Lencou – Software Engineer

Romain Lencou graduated from the Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique with M.Sc in Computer Science in 2008.

Growing up in France in the 90’s, he developed an enthusiasm for pop culture, technology and food.

 Always eager for technological challenges, Romain worked for companies like VMware, Intel and Logitech, covering various topics including cryptography, virtualization and computer vision. Bitten by the machine learning bug, he is looking forward to apply his problem solving skills in Modulos.


Nikolay Komarevskiy – Software Engineer

Nikolay Komarevskiy graduated from the Physics Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2009. Passionate about nanophotonics and scientific research, he pursued his PhD degree in the Computational Optics group under the supervision of Prof. Christian Hafner at ETH Zurich.
In addition to electromagnetics, Nikolay gained profound expertise in optimizations and in evolutionary optimizations in particular. Substantial part of his PhD work was conducted in collaboration with NASA Ames and was dedicated to the design and optimization of photonic reflectors. After a year of Postdoc, Nikolay moved to industry, where he joined an R&D team to employ his experience in electromagnetic/multiphysics simulations and stochastic optimizations.
Fascinated by the recent advances in building smart software, Nikolay switched his gears to software engineering and eagerly faces new challenges.

Felice Serena – Junior Software Engineer

Felice Serena studies computer science at ETH Zürich. His interest for software arose at a young age when he tried to catalogue his favourite dinosaurs in a SQL database.

By now, he focuses on topics in computer graphics/vision and proper software engineering. Having experiences with projects like fluid simulations and render engines, he now tackles the engineering problems at Modulos.


Michael Röthlisberger – Junior Data Scientist

Michael Röthlisberger studied Physics at ETH Zürich. He started to take an interest in Data Science and Software Development during his master’s degree. For his master thesis he worked on the image reconstruction software for a new PET detector.

Michael gained some first experience in an internship for Sensirion AG. There he was part of the R&D team, which was developing a new gas sensor.

The participation of a machine learning hackathon was sparking the interest of Michael in ML and he decided to pursue a career in this field. He is now exited to face new challenges with modulos and experience working in a rising start-up.


Marianne Chiesi – Administration

Marianne Chiesi worked in the administration of various companies before taking time off to raise her children. She translated text books and literary works into Braille and joined the ETH Zurich as an administrative assistant. At ETH, she worked with professorships and researchers in many areas, including astrophysicists, particle physicists and biochemists. She now runs the administration at Modulos.

Advisory Board

Rudolf Bär – Chairman of the Advisory Board

Rudolf Bär holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) (1961), Zurich and an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration (1964), Cambridge. 
After initially working for Dow Corning International in Zurich and Brussels (1964 to 1969), he held various management functions in the Private Banking Group Julius Baer, Zurich, lastly as CEO from 1993 to 2000 and retired from its Board of Directors in 2005. Since 2014 he has been studying at the Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics at the ETH, Zurich. 



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